Infra professionals often have a range of tasks to cater to and strict deadlines to meet. This is quite justified, given the project’s complexity. The leaders oversee multiple divisions, from interacting with the raw materials to deploying heavy-duty equipment.

Nevertheless, the inputs, including heavy machinery like excavators and forklifts, significantly increase work output. Subsequently, these equipment eases the hassle that goes around the operational part.

Top 2 Construction Equipment from Komatsu & Linde

Komatsu PC71 Excavator

This machine has become the first choice among professionals considering excavators. To substantiate, the model comes with a high-performing engine, generating up to 60 HP. This is particularly best suited for mid-size projects.

Moreover, the 7050 kg of operating weight helps deliver higher output than its counterparts. Additionally, the bucket capacity of 0.3 cum helps scale up work productivity.

Above all, the excavator can dig as deep as 4100 mm into the ground. This particular feature facilitates quarrying, digging for building foundations, and other similar tasks. Furthermore, the price range of this model ranges between Rs. 24 and 26 Lakh in India.

Linde MR12AP Forklift Truck

With a superior lifting load capacity of 1200 kg, this machine can raise the output bar beyond expectations. Subsequently, this forklift truck significantly saves manpower at construction sites. Furthermore, apart from lifting the loads, this equipment category further facilitates the movement of materials. To cater to this task in compact space, the operators can rely on its turning radius of 1597 mm.

Moreover, the length of the face of the forks is 1242 mm, which further increases the machine’s effectiveness. Overall, this forklift truck can lift heavy materials to a height of 3000 mm. This particular feature further scales up the productivity of the Indian infra industry. Now, the price range of this machine ranges between Rs. 18-20 Lakh.