How to Draw Lipstick A Step-by-Step Guide. The fashion and makeup drives are some of the most immense in the world! There are tons of products and accessories that people worldwide use to look glamorous and stylish! Lipstick is one of the most used parts of makeup and can come in many colors and powers to suit each wearer.

Wearing makeup can be so much fun, and learning to draw lipstick can be a great way to have fun with fashion without spending a fortune on makeup. This is the guide to follow if you want to know how to do it. Sit around, relax, and enjoy this neat, trendy step-by-step manual on how to draw lipstick in 6 easy steps!

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How to Draw Lipstick – Let’s Get Started!

Step 1

On the surface, lipstick is a simple object. It is a small tube that contains the lipstick itself and does not have many moving parts or details. You can even wear lipstick most days of your power, but despite this, it can be tough to learn how to draw lipstick rightly. However, that will not be the case once you finish this guide. We’ll start by drawing the lipstick sticking out of the tube.

We’ll use a curved line for this, and it will have a reasonably rounded tip. There will then be a less curved line near the top, and this will be to provide the tip with a flat edge. Once this is done, we will draw the tip. Add a thin edge to the end of the lipstick and then blend. Some straight lines down from it. That will end this step, and we can move to step 2!

Step 2

In this dual part of your lipstick drawing, we’ll add more to this small section of the pipe you started in part one. To do this, use more curved lines to add another slightly thicker border at the bottom of this section. Then all you need to do is draw a reasonably thick line near the right edge of this section to give it some depth. So you are ready for step 3 of the guide!

Step 3

This third step of our how-to-draw lipstick guide should be friendly and easy! All you need to do for this step is draw two straight lines down from the sides of the border you drew in the previous step. As with the rest of the tube, use a ruler to draw these lines to be friendly and straight. There will be a gap left at the base of the lipstick, but we’ll fill it in shortly.

Once you’ve drawn, you’re ready to color! Before doing so, you could draw some additional details on your own. One idea would be to remove the label of your favorite cosmetic brand on the lipstick. You can also draw a background to show what other makeup pieces you would wear with this lipstick. These are just a few pictures, but what else can you think of?

Step 6

Lipstick can arrive in many colors and shades, giving you much space to color your lipstick drawing. We used a few shades of red and selected them for the lipstick in our reference image, and we also used various shades of gold and yellow for the tube.

These are just a few color options you can choose from, and you should use any color you like to create your perfect lipstick brand! You can also get different shades of color and intensity depending on the art medium you choose, so have fun and see what you come up with!