How to Dress Like the 60s and 70s?


Fashion has always been a reflection of culture, and the 60s and 70s were no exception. These two decades were characterized by a vibrant and diverse fashion scene that continues to inspire designers and fashion enthusiasts today.

The 60s brought forth the hippie movement and mod style, while the 70s introduced disco fever and bohemian fashion. In this article, we will delve into how you can embrace the retro charm of the 60s and 70s and incorporate it into your modern wardrobe.

2.1 The Hippie Movement

The 60s saw the rise of the hippie movement, which celebrated peace, love, and freedom. The fashion during this era was all about embracing natural and bohemian elements. Flowy maxi dresses, bell-bottom jeans, tie-dye shirts, and fringe jackets became iconic staples of the hippie style. Accessorizing with headbands, round sunglasses, and peace sign jewelry was also popular.

2.2 The Mod Style

Contrasting the hippie fashion was the mod style, characterized by its bold and vibrant designs. Short, geometric shifts dresses, knee-high boots, and colorful tights were the go-to choices for mod fashionistas. This style was all about embracing the futuristic and modern aesthetic, and it continues to inspire contemporary fashion.

2.3 Bohemian Fashion

The 70s introduced a more relaxed and carefree approach to fashion, commonly known as bohemian or boho fashion. Flowing maxi skirts, peasant blouses, suede vests, and floppy hats were essential elements of this style. The bohemian look celebrated earthy tones, paisley patterns, and natural materials, creating an effortless and ethereal appearance.

2.4 Disco Fever

Disco fever took over the late 70s, and with it came glitz and glamour. Shimmering, sequined dresses, wide-legged pants, platform shoes, and metallic accessories were at the heart of disco fashion. This era celebrated boldness and extravagance, making it a memorable period in fashion history.

Key Elements of 60s and 70s Fashion

3.1 Clothing

To dress like the 60s and 70s, focus on key clothing pieces like bell-bottom jeans, mini-skirts, flowy maxi dresses, shift dresses, and jumpsuits. Embrace bold patterns such as paisley, tie-dye, and geometric designs to capture the essence of these decades.

3.2 Hairstyles

Hairstyles played a significant role in defining the fashion of the 60s and 70s. Consider sporting long, wavy hair with braided headbands for a bohemian look, or go for a sleek bob for a mod-inspired appearance. For disco style, big, voluminous hair with curls and waves was the way to go.

3.3 Accessories

The right accessories can elevate your retro look. Opt for round sunglasses, large floppy hats, headbands, statement belts, and chunky jewelry to add a vintage touch to your outfits.

3.4 Makeup

Makeup in the 60s was characterized by thick eyeliner, false lashes, and nude lips, while the 70s embraced bolder eye shadows and glossy lips. Experiment with these iconic makeup styles to complete your retro ensemble.

Embracing the Retro Look Today

4.1 Vintage and Secondhand Shopping

To truly capture the spirit of the 60s and 70s, consider shopping for authentic vintage pieces or explore secondhand stores. These treasure troves often offer unique and nostalgic fashion finds that will set you apart from the mainstream.

4.2 Mixing Retro and Modern Pieces

Incorporate retro elements into your modern wardrobe for a fresh take on vintage fashion. Pair a vintage blouse with contemporary jeans or style a retro-inspired dress with trendy accessories. The key is to strike a balance between the old and the new.

4.3 DIY Vintage-Inspired Fashion

Get creative by DIY-ing your own vintage-inspired pieces. Upcycle old clothing items or add fringe and embellishments to transform your wardrobe into a homage to the 60s and 70s.

Incorporating 60s and 70s Fashion into Different Occasions

5.1 Everyday Wear

For casual, everyday wear, opt for comfortable and relaxed bohemian pieces like flowy dresses, peasant blouses, and wide-leg pants. Add some retro accessories to complete your look.

5.2 Parties and Events

When attending parties and events, embrace the glamour of the disco era with sequined dresses, platform heels, and bold makeup.

5.3 Music Festivals

Music festivals are the perfect opportunity to embrace the hippie spirit. Go for a bohemian outfit with fringe details, floral prints, and wide-brimmed hats.

5.4 Halloween and Costume Parties

Dressing up for Halloween or costume parties offers the chance to explore the iconic characters and styles from the 60s and 70s. From hippies to disco divas, the possibilities are endless.

The Influence of 60s and 70s Fashion on Contemporary Style

6.1 Runways and Fashion Shows

The runway continues to showcase designs inspired by the retro decades. Many fashion designers pay homage to the 60s and 70s through their collections, reinventing classic styles for the modern audience.

6.2 Celebrities and Influencers

Celebrities and influencers often sport retro-inspired looks on red carpets and social media. Their influence contributes to the revival of vintage fashion in the mainstream.

Tips for Pulling off the Retro Look Confidently

7.1 Embrace Individuality

Fashion from the 60s and 70s celebrated individuality and self-expression. Don’t be afraid to embrace your unique style and put together outfits that reflect your personality.

7.2 Balance the Look

Mixing retro pieces with contemporary items will prevent your outfit from looking too costume-like. Strive for a harmonious balance to create a modern yet nostalgic ensemble.

7.3 Choose the Right Colors and Patterns

The color palette and patterns were significant in 60s and 70s fashion. Opt for earthy tones, bold colors, and eye-catching prints to capture the essence of the era.

7.4 Pay Attention to Details

Small details like accessories, hairstyles, and makeup can elevate your look. Pay attention to these elements to complete your retro transformation.

7.5 Confidence is the Key

Carry your retro outfit with confidence. Embrace the uniqueness of your style, and you’ll exude the charisma of the 60s and 70s fashion icons.


Dressing like the 60s and 70s allows you to explore the rich and diverse history of fashion. Whether you’re drawn to the free-spirited bohemian vibe, the vibrant mod style, or the glitz of disco fashion, there’s a retro look for everyone. Embrace the retro charm and add a touch of nostalgia to your modern wardrobe.


  1. Q: Can I mix different retro styles together?
    • A: Absolutely! Mixing and matching different retro styles can create a unique and personalized look.
  2. Q: Where can I find authentic vintage clothing?
    • A: You can search for vintage boutiques, thrift stores, or online platforms specializing in vintage fashion.
  3. Q: How can I style 60s and 70s outfits for the workplace?
    • A: Incorporate classic retro elements, such as a tailored blazer or a midi dress, into your office wear.
  4. Q: Are flared jeans from the 70s still in fashion?
    • A: Yes, flared jeans have made a comeback and are a popular choice among fashion enthusiasts.
  5. Q: How can I make my makeup look more retro?
    • A: Experiment with winged eyeliner, bold lashes, and vibrant lip colors to achieve a retro-inspired makeup look.
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