Are you still using a landline phone? If so, you’re not alone. While mobile phones have taken over the world, there are still some great deals to be had when it comes to traditional landlines. In fact, we’ve found 10 of them that you simply can’t afford to miss! Whether you’re looking for unlimited calls or rock-bottom prices, these deals will make your jaw drop. So sit back and read on – it’s time to discover the best landline deals around!

Xinix Mobile

Xinix Mobile is one of the best choices for a landline phone service provider. With packages starting at just $9.99 per month, it’s hard to beat their prices. But don’t let the low cost fool you – Xinix Mobile offers some fantastic features too.

For example, landline only deals unlimited Local and Long Distance plan gives you unlimited calling across the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Plus, you’ll get 911 services and voicemail included in your package at no extra cost.

If you’re looking for a more flexible option, Xinix Mobile also offers pay-as-you-go plans with rates as low as 2.7 cents per minute. And if that wasn’t enough to convince you, they even have international calling options with competitive rates.

Xinix Mobile is an excellent choice for those who want affordable prices without sacrificing quality or features when it comes to landline phone service providers.


T-Mobile is one of the biggest telecommunications companies in the United States. They offer a range of landline deals that you can’t afford to miss out on. If you’re looking for great service and excellent value, then T-Mobile has everything you need.

One of their standout offers is their Magenta Max plan, which gives customers unlimited 5G data, talk, and text. You’ll be able to stay connected with friends and family no matter where you are in the country. Plus, if you have several lines on your account, each additional line will get a discount.

Another fantastic deal from T-Mobile is their Home Internet package. With this plan, you’ll get high-speed internet without having to sign up for cable or satellite TV service. This means that you can save money while still enjoying fast internet speeds.

T-Mobile also offers different promotions throughout the year like discounts on devices such as smartphones and tablets when signing up for any of their plans with qualifying credit score and trade-in device.

T-Mobile’s landline deals are worth considering if quality customer experience at an affordable price-point matters to you!


Sprint is a telecommunications company that offers both landline and mobile services. With their wide range of plans and deals, they have become a popular choice for many customers.

One of Sprint’s most attractive features is their Unlimited Basic plan which includes unlimited data, talk, and text at an affordable price. This plan also allows customers to stream videos in standard definition without worrying about data caps or overage fees.

Sprint also offers a unique deal for families with children who are looking for mobile service. Their Unlimited Plus Family Plan includes 5 lines with unlimited data, talk, and text as well as a subscription to Hulu (with commercials), all for one low monthly rate.

In addition to these deals, Sprint also provides discounts on devices such as the iPhone XR or Samsung Galaxy S10 when customers switch from other carriers. They even offer leasing options for those who prefer not to purchase phones outright.

Sprint has established itself as a reliable and affordable option in the world of telecommunications. With their variety of plans and promotions, it’s no wonder why so many people choose them as their service provider.


AT&T is one of the most popular landline providers in the US. They offer a wide range of plans and deals to suit every budget and need, making them a top choice for many customers.

One of their standout offers is their Unlimited & More Premium plan, which includes unlimited talk, text, and data for just $80 per month. This plan also comes with access to over 30 live TV channels through the WatchTV app.

For those who don’t need as much data or want to save some money, AT&T offers a variety of other plans starting at just $35 per month. These plans include limited talk and text but can be customized with additional features like more data or international calling options.

AT&T also offers bundle packages that combine your landline service with wireless phone service or TV packages from DirecTV or U-Verse. These bundles can provide significant savings compared to purchasing each service separately.

AT&T’s comprehensive offerings make them a strong contender for anyone looking for reliable landline services at an affordable price point.


Verizon is a telecommunications company based in the United States. It is known for its reliable network coverage and excellent customer service. If you are looking for a landline deal, Verizon has several options to choose from.

One of their most popular plans is the Fios Digital Voice plan, which includes unlimited nationwide calling and a range of features such as voicemail, caller ID, call waiting and more.

For those who need international calling capabilities, Verizon also offers the Global Calling plan which provides discounted rates to over 200 countries worldwide.

If you are someone who prefers to bundle your services together, Verizon has you covered with their triple play packages that include TV, internet and phone services all in one convenient package.

If reliability and customer service are important factors for you when choosing a landline provider then Verizon might be worth considering.

Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile is a prepaid wireless carrier that operates on the Sprint network. With plans starting at just $10 per month, Boost Mobile offers affordable options for those looking to save money on their phone bill. Their unlimited data plan is one of the best in the market, providing unlimited talk, text and high-speed data with no annual service contracts.

Boost Mobile also offers several other features that make it an attractive option for many consumers. For example, they have a wide variety of smartphones available for purchase and offer flexible payment options with easy financing solutions. They also provide customers with access to various mobile services such as mobile hotspot tethering and international calling.

Moreover, Boost Mobile’s coverage maps are impressively extensive, ensuring connectivity in most areas across the United States. The company has invested heavily in network infrastructure improvements over recent years to ensure reliable nationwide coverage.

Boost Mobile provides great value for your money while offering excellent quality service and top-notch customer support – making it an ideal choice for anyone who wants to get more bang out of their buck when it comes to mobile communication services.


To sum up, these are some of the best landline deals that you should consider. Whether you’re looking for unlimited data plans or affordable monthly payments, there is a deal out there that will fit your needs.

Before making any decisions, it’s important to do your research and compare pricing and features from different providers. Also, make sure to read the fine print to avoid any surprises down the road.

Finding a great landline deal can save you money in the long run while still providing reliable service. With so many options available today, take advantage of these deals now before they expire!