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Good food is necessary for good health but it is not enough you also have to get peace of mind along with it, if you are busy in your life and do a lot of mental work then be careful you soon can be weak and sick, just as physical health is made by exercise, the mind also needs peace, which can only be achieved by mental exercise, such as meditation, if we meditate properly for a few minutes, not only the mind It is relaxing but it also improves your spirituality. It is generally seen that their sixth sense is quite sharp which not only guides them but also protects them from harm. Such people are respected in the society. It goes to those whose personality is settled and this can only be done by good meditation. If you are relaxed, your skin is also young. Often older people are also chalky and it is difficult if not impossible to estimate their age. If it is late then why start today rather find a place where there is less noise and if there is fresh air it is very good. After some time take a full breath and after some time slowly take full breath out. You may feel uneasy at first but after some practice you will enjoy it then evaluate how good your routine and health is.

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