The daughter of Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar, Manuela was the apple of her father’s eye. When her family was on the run from authorities in Columbia, he set $2 million on fire to keep her warm.

Since her father’s death, she has kept a low profile. She lives under an assumed name in Argentina. She is also believed to suffer from severe depression.

Her father was a drug lord

Manuela Escobar was the daughter of Pablo Escobar, a Colombian drug lord who became one of the most powerful and richest narco-terrorists in history. She grew up in luxury, but she also had to deal with rival cartels and local vigilantes who wanted to kill her father.

Her father was a wealthy man and did everything in his power to protect his children. When his daughter was hiding in the mountains of Medellin in the early ’90s, Escobar burned stacks of dollars to keep her warm. After her father died, her mother Maria Victoria Henao changed their names to avoid being discovered by their enemies. They eventually settled in Argentina, where Manuela went to school and completed her studies. She now lives a quiet life away from the spotlight with her new identity.

She was born in Colombia

During Pablo Escobar’s infamous rise to fame, he spoiled his daughter by allowing her to have whatever she wanted. Whether it was a pony or a unicorn, Manuela got the gifts of her dreams.

However, when she became a teenager, her father died in a shoot-out. After his death, she and her mother fled Colombia and eventually settled in Buenos Aires. Her father’s death and the ensuing hardships of living in Argentina took a toll on her mind and soul. She began to live in fear that someone would hunt down her family members and seek revenge for her father’s crimes. She sank into a deep depression and remained in hiding. Though her mother and brother gradually re-entered the spotlight, she declined to participate in any interviews or publications. She also remained completely silent about her father’s crimes.

She has a twin brother

When Pablo Escobar was still alive, he had a daughter who was his “princess.” She was so attached to her father that she kept a piece of his beard under her pillow. She also slept with the shirt that Pablo wore on his last day. However, things turned sour for Manuela and her family once her father was killed. As a result, she became a recluse who avoided all forms of publicity.


After fleeing Colombia with her mother and brother, she moved to Argentina under new identities. Her mother began a successful real estate business while her siblings enrolled in school under new names. According to her brother, she has attempted suicide several times and currently lives with him and his wife for her safety and health. She also seems to be living in constant fear of being discovered and linked to her father’s crimes. She is reportedly a 37-year-old woman who is not active on social media. It is unclear whether she will ever speak out again or reveal her identity to the world.

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She lives in Argentina

A lot of people have wondered about Pablo Escobar’s daughter, Manuela. Her family left Colombia and moved to Argentina after he died. But after her mother and brother got arrested, she started living in fear. She also sank into a deep depression. Her mother and brother, who had adopted new names, were eventually arrested for laundering money and other illegal activities. However, they were later released.

They then began to restart their lives. They both published books and even gave interviews to the media. Sebastian Marroquin, Escobar’s son, has also spoken out to apologize for his father’s crimes. He says that he was not like his father, though he grew up surrounded by mansions and luxury items. But he remembers that his father always cherished his daughter. He was known for giving her gifts, including a unicorn.