What are the things you should consider for Bangkok International Schools?

There are so many decisions to be made in order to start this new chapter in your life that moving to Bangkok with a family might feel like an equal parts thrilling and terrifying experience. Finding Bangkok international schools will undoubtedly be on your list of top priorities. It might be hard to go through each school to find the greatest fit for your children after conducting a simple internet search for schools serving a varied foreign community. 

Moving to a new country, culture, and educational system might make it even harder to find your child the ideal international school. International school specialists have established some guidelines for you to take into account while whittling down your selection of schools to make things easier.

Here are several things to think about while attempting to decide on the ideal Bangkok international schools and community for your family and child.


Take a look at the extracurricular pages of the school website to see what else might be available to complement your child’s current interests. Being “new” gives children the chance to broaden their horizons because they have lost the inevitability of social conformity that comes with previous friendship groups. Your child’s new buddy group will be no different from the friendly encouragement that international students are recognized for giving to join organizations.


It can be quite difficult to relocate far from your social networks, but you will be using your small talk abilities to build new contacts that will quickly develop into amazing friendships. Both Thai citizens and foreigners will extend a warm welcome to you, and you will quickly come to feel at home. It is important to think about whether you would like a ready-made expat community with a lot of influences, social clubs, and events. Although having access to an international supermarket may seem, having a bar of chocolate from your own country close by may be quite comforting in certain situations.

Do you see this as a long-term or short-term move?

Some instructors just want to get additional experience before moving back to the UK by working at an overseas school. If you approach your move in this way, you may consider applying to smaller institutions where you might teach a range of courses. The most prominent colleges typically seek instructors who have a longer-term outlook and work to keep their teaching staff as stable as possible. Although there is a tone of temporary employment available, you should be aware that the pay rates are sometimes noticeably lower.

Why did you decide you wanted to work at Bangkok international schools?

There is no right or incorrect reason why someone would desire to work at an international school; everyone has their own unique reasons. Some people do it because they wish to expand their teaching expertise and believe it will benefit their careers. Some people are conscious of the possibility of earning more money and having less daily stress, while others may feel compelled to help those who are possibly less fortunate. When you start your investigation, you should be aware that not all foreign schools are of the same caliber as Harrow Bangkok.

Are the other educators content in their positions?

One of the most fulfilling careers in the world is teaching, and this should be clear from the way they carry themselves. Ask the instructors what they think of the school if you can. Talk to a variety of people since opinions could vary. Naturally, you want favorable comments generally, but it is also a good idea to be aware of the drawbacks so that you won’t be surprised by them. If the majority of instructors are dissatisfied, something is very wrong, and we advise staying away!

Does the school have enough funding?

They are lucky to have adequate funding, which provides us with a solid base on which to create a first-rate educational facility. There are many schools that are underfunded even when they are considered to be “excellent” institutions. This situation has the potential to lead to a great deal of issues in the future. Low teaching quality, inadequate facilities, and fewer pupils may be what you encounter. As a result, there is a lack of work stability and potentially a career that is too demanding to be worthwhile.

Where would you want to be?

When someone wants to work abroad but doesn’t want to live too far from friends and family, working at a school in Europe is generally the best option. Some instructors might want to try something entirely new, such as a different culture or way of life, a new manner of working, or both. The second group, as opposed to the former, often seeks out a broader range of life experiences. If you fall into this category, you are probably considering farther-flung locations.

Ending words about Bangkok international schools

As a result, your decision to work as a teacher at an international school will mostly depend on your own goals. You need to think about your ambitions, your long-term aspirations. Also, if you are looking for a life experience in general or just a professional one. The most important thing is to learn as much as you can about the Bangkok international schools, the location, and the nation to be as well-prepared as you can.

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